Amor a Vida

I was commissioned by TV Globo in Brazil to do an animated title sequence for their new Novela, Amor a Vida. The director really liked Thought of You, so you’ll notice the similarities. 3 weeks to animate this but I like how it turned out.
This is a new cut which includes my original animation timing and an awesome new music score generously performed by Nico Platter.

This is the final cut used for the Novela

Official Amor a Vida website

Some Press…















Big thanks to those that helped me get this done in such a short time:
Jason Knapp – Compositor
Nephi Hepworth – inbetweens
Danny Allen – inbetweens
Jason Keyser – inbetweens
Aileen Thomas – inbetweens
Kori Wakamatsu – dance choreography
Michael Milkanin – dancer
Sarah Russo – dancer
Boston McConnaugh – videographer
and of course my wife, Tiffany.
ALSO…Roberto Stein and Pit Ribeiro at TV Globo for taking a chance with me on something like this.

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